Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Red Light Runners

I see this all the time in certain parts of the Milwaukee area, but not usually out in the western suburbs at 8 a.m.
Until today.

I pull up to the light and like a good law abiding cyclist stop and wait for the it to change.  Good thing I did because this woman who, although you can't really tell from the video, was on her phone and proceeded to blow this light.  Now I understand if you misjudge and think you'll make it on yellow but this was red for almost a full second before she even entered the intersection.  I wish I had gotten the plate, I would have gone to the police for sure. People PUT THE PHONES DOWN!

If you kill someone while on your phone and you get sentenced to prison, I'm guessing you will realize that call or text could have waited!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Invisible Again

It happens quite often to bicyclists; drivers do something stupid, dangerous, or illegal, or all of the above which affects a cyclist, and if called out claim they "didn't see the bicyclist".  I've often thought this was more of an admission of guilt than an excuse, but regardless, it never ceases to amaze me how utterly clueless some people are while on the public roadways.

This guy then had the nerve to honk at me after I let him know that there was someone else on the road that had the right of way who he had cut off.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Looking Right and Turning Left

The woman driving the red car was looking the wrong way for almost the entire time she was turning.
She only looked in the direction she was turning at the last second.  I think the first car turning in front of me is what saved me from getting hit by the red car.  If I hadn't slowed down for the first car, I might have been going fast enough that I couldn't avoid the red car like I did.
I couldn't get the plate number.  I certainly would have called the cops on her if I could have.

Friday, April 21, 2017

All For a Red Light

The woman in this Lincoln 597-XWL was in such a hurry to get around me that she had to pass into oncoming traffic in spite of the fact that the road widens out to two lanes in each direction just a few feet past her crazy pass.  But the most ridiculous part is that you could see the traffic light ahead, it was yellow, so she knew she'd have to stop and wait anyhow, but still felt it necessary to risk her life and the life of the driver in the oncoming lane.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Bearded Litterbug

So I come around a bend and see this guy with a long white beard siting on a bench.

Apparently he was smoking a cigarette because he launched his butt onto the bike path.

I'm not a fan of launching your litter into a public park, so I called him out and told him if he didn't pick it up I'd call the police. On my way back through, he claimed he picked it up but and then proceeded to tell me how it was no big deal and that he's been throwing his cigarette butts on the ground since before I was born.  He seemed to think my calling him out on this was "being and asshole".  His words.  He was part of an organized ride so I told the organizers about his behavior.  Hopefully someone can explain that if anyone was acting like an asshole it would probably be the guy littering up the public park and then bragging about doing it for 50 years.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another Landscape Trailer!

So riding the same route as the other day when I was buzzed by the landscaping trailer, it happened again, by another similar trailer.  And then again by another pickup truck.
I couldn't get the license number of the white truck, but did have a chat with the driver of the truck.  He assured me that I wasn't the first bicyclist he'd passed.  If true I feel bad for the others before me.  He barely touched the yellow line if at all which means he certainly did not give me anywhere near three feet especially with the trailer.  I'll be calling the company soon and perhaps the police depending on the reception I get from the company.

Monday, June 13, 2016

He Says He's Sorry.

The driver of this truck started screaming at me as soon as I pulled up to him at the red light moments after he buzzed me.  His first words were YOU F*@(ING KNOW YOU HAD 3 FEET AND YOU COULD HAVE MOVED OVER.
I tried to tell him that it's not my responsibility to move over and that he could have waited for one oncoming car to pass us so HE could moved over but he wasn't interested in anything I had to say.

Brookfield Police were contacted and the officer says she contacted the driver and he thought he had given enough room.  She said he apologized to me and she was sure he wouldn't do it again.  I'm not sure he was sincere in his apology given his tone at the red light, but the bigger concern is that the officer told him that what might have alarmed me is the trailer coming close to me at the end of the pass. She seemed under the impression that his truck might not have violated the 3 foot rule, just his trailer.  That is very concerning to me.

The fact is that the lane I was using is likely 11 feet wide, (I'll attempt to confirm that soon), which means since I was on the white line, and my handlebars are 18 inches wide, his mirrors would have to be no less than 3 feet 10 inches, away from the white line to comply with the 3 foot rule since.  If his mirrors are 8 inches from the side of his truck, that would mean the side of his truck would have to be a minimum of 4 1/2 feet away from the white line to be the minimum distance away from me.  That means he would have to vacate at least one third of the lane to be legal.

It appears pretty clear to me that neither his truck or his trailer was at any time that far out of his lane if at all.

I might have to follow up with Brookfield police to make sure they understand what 3 feet actually means when applied to real life situations.

I'll keep you posted